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Colorado Issues with Tom Moller: Pacemaker-Like Device Treats Obesity

Dr. Frank Chae, Chief Surgeon at Sky Ridge Medical Center, and his patient, Cindy Hudak, discuss how the pacemaker-like “vBloc Neurometabolic” device controlled her overeating, changing a lifetime of being overweight.  Dr. Chae discusses the causes of obesity, and Ms. Hudak describes her emotional and psychological responses as she gave herself to the therapy. Click here to listen to the full segment!

Listen to the interview highlights:


The Doctors: A Pacemaker for Obesity!?

Dr. Frank Chae, a vBloc doctor in Colorado, and one of his vBloc patients, Cindy Hudak, discuss the benefits of vBloc Therapy and Cindy’s personal story of battling obesity. Click the image to watch the full segment!

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WebMD: Future of Health with Robin Roberts

vBloc was featured as an obesity treatment in WebMD’s Future of Health special with Robin Roberts. Click the image to watch the full video!





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