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vBloc Therapy for weight loss may now be available to eligible veterans at either a VA hospital or a provider of their choice!

vBloc Device

Safety FIRST

vBloc Therapy is a leader in safety for weight loss. Delivered via a pacemaker-like neuroregulator device, vBloc Therapy blocks hunger signals between the brain and stomach, that can make you feel fuller longer and reduce the amount of food you want to eat. A small percentage of users (3.7%) had a device, implant/revision procedure or therapy related Serious Adverse Events including neuroregulator malfunction, pain at the neuroregulator site, vomiting, collapsed lung and gallbladder disease.

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How It Works


Protects your Anatomy

  • vBloc does not require you to alter your anatomy.  In fact, vBloc allows you to keep your anatomy intact
  • vBloc can be done as an outpatient procedure because it is minimally invasive leading to a quick recovery.
  • vBloc is fully reversible


Serves your need for a Normal Lifestyle

  • vBloc Therapy can be customized to best meet individual needs
  • Doesn’t require you to make drastic changes to your food choices


Targets Fullness and Hunger

  • vBloc works by blocking the signals from the brain and the stomach, which may make you feel full sooner and stay full longer
  • This results in an average of 28% of excess weight loss at 12 months when used as prescribed

Mike *Patient info. Results may vary.

mike in a boat
“Almost four years in, I have no regrets. vBloc has worked so great for me. I’m able to enjoy food. I know what it is to feel satisfied by it. My health has done a turnaround and I’m out there going dancing with my wife, getting out in my tugboat with the grandkids and learning how to have a healthy life without feeling like I’m depriving myself.”

Individual results may differ. Not all patients respond the same. Patient has received compensation for testimony.