How It Works

vBloc® Therapy uses a neuroregulator to deliver intermittent high-frequency electronic pulses to block vagal nerve activity.

Signal Blocking

By blocking these signals, vBloc Therapy is designed to:

  • Limit stomach expansion contractions
  • Reduce pancreatic exocrine secretion which ultimately can reduce calorie absorption

And because of the intermittent nature of vBloc Therapy, recovery is allowed between blocking episodes, making vBloc Therapy an effective long-term solution.

Device Details

vBloc Therapy is delivered via a rechargeable neuroregulator that is implanted subcutaneously and attached to the vagal nerve. Blocking of these nerve signals has demonstrated significant therapeutic benefit in the treatment of obesity. Inhibition of nerve signaling reduces hunger feelings, resulting in earlier fullness.12


The neuroregulator is an implanted device that controls the delivery of vBloc Therapy to the vagus nerve. It is surgically implanted just below, and parallel to, the skin, typically on the side of the body over the ribs.

Neuromodulation Leads

Proprietary leads are powered by the neuroregulator and deliver electrical pulses to the vagus nerve. The leads are similar to those used in traditional cardiac rhythm management products.

Mobile Charger

The mobile charger is an electronic device used by the patient to charge the implanted device. It connects to the transmit coil and provides information on the battery status of the neuroregulator and the mobile charger.

transmit coil

Transmit Coil

The transmit coil is positioned for short periods of time over the implanted neuroregulator to deliver radio frequency battery charging and therapy programming information across the skin into the device.

Clinician Programmer

The clinician programmer connects to the mobile charger to enable clinicians to customize therapy settings as necessary and retrieve reports stored in system components. The reports include patient use and system performance information used to manage therapy.

vBloc Access

Help your patients navigate the complex process of applying for insurance coverage by connecting them with our team of experienced reimbursement case managers. 

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How vBloc Therapy is different

vBloc Therapy

  • Focus on the mind/body connection
  • Physiologic
  • Active implantable
  • Programmable in a non-invasive way
  • Reversible

Traditional Bariatric Surgeries

  • Restrictive
  • Malabsorptive
  • Anatomy changing

vBloc Therapy Application

vBloc can adapt to your patients’ needs.

  • The vBloc Therapy system can be deactivated and reactivated transcutaneously whenever necessary. This is especially useful in cases where patients become pregnant or have other medical concerns that can warrant temporarily turning the device off
  • The signal algorithm can be adjusted to meet the needs of individual patients. Such as in the case of travel through time zones or changes in personal schedules
  • For optimal outcomes, vBloc Therapy should be active for at least 12 waking hours

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