Clinical Studies

Studies show clinically significant benefits for patients.

Title: Reversible Vagal Nerve Blocking (VBLOC) in Patients with Moderate Obesity and an Obesity Related Co-morbid Condition: The ReCharge Study
Publisher: IFSO Conference 2015, 26-29th August 2015, Vienna, Austria.
Author: Shikora
Date: 2015

Title: Sustained Weight Loss with Vagal Nerve Blockade but Not with Sham: 18-Month Results of the ReCharge Trial
Publisher: J Obes. 2015;2015:365604. DOI:10.1155/2015/365604.
Author: Shikora
Date: 2015

Title: The EMPOWER Study: Randomized, Prospective, Double-Blind, Multicenter Trial of Vagal Blockage to Induce Weight Loss in Morbid Obesity
Publisher: Obes Surg. 2012;22(11):1771-1782. doi:10.1007/s11695-012-0751-8.
Author: Sarr
Date: 2012

Title: Vagal Blocking: Treatment of Obesity Related Type 2 Diabetes and Blood Pressure
– 18 Month Results

Publisher: IFSO-EC Conference 2012, 24-29th April 2012, Barcelona, Spain.
Author: Toouli
Date: 2012

Title: Selection of Electrical Algorithms to Treat Obesity with Intermittent Vagal Block Using an Implantable Medical Device
Publisher: Surg Obes Relat Dis. 2009;5(2):224-230.
Author: Camilleri
Date: 2009

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vBloc Therapy Clinical Investigators

Adelaide Bariatric Centre
Adelaide, SA, Australia
James Toouli, MD, PhD
Lilian Kow, MD, PhD

Cleveland Clinic Foundation, FL
Weston, Florida
Raul Rosenthal, MD

Cleveland Clinic Foundation, OH
Cleveland, Ohio
Bipan Chand, MD

Institute of Weight Control
Sydney, Australia
Roy Brancatisano, MD
Anthony Brancatisano, MD, PhD

Instituto Nacional de la Nutrición
Mexico City, Mexico
Miguel Herrera,MD, PhD
Juan-Pablo Pantoja, MD

Johns Hopkins University
Baltimore, Maryland
Michael Schweitzer, MD

Mayo Clinic Rochester, Minnesota
James Swain, MD
Michael Sarr, MD

Oregon Health & Science Univ.
Portland, Oregon
Bruce Wolfe, MD

St. Olavs Hospital
Trondheim, Norway
Baard Kulseng, MD, PhD
Gjermund Johnsen, MD, PhD

Scottsdale Bariatric Center
Scottsdale, Arizona
Robin Blackstone, MD

Scripps Clinic
Del Mar, California
Ken Fujioka, MD
Mark Takata, MD

Stanford University School of Med
Stanford, California
John Morton, MD

Tufts Medical Center
Boston, Massachusetts
Sajani Shah, MD
Scott Shikora, MD

University Hospital
Basel, Switzerland
Henryk Zulewski, MD
Daniel Frey, MD

University of California, Irvine
Irvine, California
Ninh Nguyen, MD

University of Minnesota
Minneapolis, Minnesota
Sayeed Ikramuddin, MD
Charles Billington, MD

Virginia Commonwealth University
Richmond, Virginia
James Maher, MD

Washington University School of Med
St. Louis, Missouri
Dominic Reeds, MD