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vBloc Physicians

Charles Mitchell, MD*
Charles Procter, MD*
Collin E.M. Brathwaite, MD*
Douglas R. Ewing, MD*
Eric R. Valladares, MD*
Frank Chae, MD*
Gail Wynn, MD*
Gerardo Carcamo, MD*
Gregory Dakin, MD, FACS*
Guillermo Gomez, MD*
Hans J. Schmidt, MD*
Isaias Irgau, MD, FACS, FRCS (Ed)*
James Maher, MD*
John Brebbia, MD*
John Dietrick, MD*
John Morton, MD*
Keith Wright, MD*
Michael Peters Jr., MD, FACS, FASMBS*
Pavlos Papasavas, MD*
Peter LePort, MD*
Sachin Kukreja, MD, FACS, FASMBS*
Sajani (Sunny) Shah, MD*
Vafa Shayani, MD*
Adam Glasgow, MD FACS
Anthony Gonzalez, MD
Brett Cohen, MD
Charles Svendsen, MD
Christopher Sanborn, MD
Dana Portenier, MD
Darren Tishler, MD
James Swain, MD
Jason Fraser, MD
Shawn St. Peter, MD
Brooke Sweeney, MD
Jimmy Redmann, MD
Job Buschman, MD
John Bagnato, MD
Jonathan Ray, MD
Mark Takata, MD
Pete Avara, MD
Peter Billing, MD
Thomas Yu Chua, MD
Todd Foreman, MD
Walter Medlin, MD, FACS
*Physicians at vBloc® Institutes. vBloc Institutes are medical centers or hospitals that have integrated vBloc Therapy and the vBloc® Achieve support program into their practices.