Erica, vBloc Patient *Patient info. Results may vary.

I knew it was time for a change because I simply wasn’t feeling well. I’ve had thyroid disease for decades and after slowly putting more weight on year after year, my GP told me I should consider gastric banding. I looked into it, but I wasn’t comfortable with the restrictions I saw people living with afterwards.

I’d been through fat blocking medications, and I knew how embarrassing those side effects were. I wasn’t ready to face a lifetime of that. I didn’t want to lose weight only to be miserable and isolated by what I could eat. I’m social. I love to travel. I wasn’t going to risk having to compromise on those things to lose weight.

I started with vBloc three years ago and the process was simple. I didn’t have to lose weight or do a lot of prep to be able to get started.

My whole life people told me to lose the weight slowly. But this is the first time I’m actually able to do it and it’s because I don’t have that fear that I’m going to fail again. The urgency, the cravings, that feeling of being out of control around food is gone.

Individual results may differ.

Starting BMI:40
Present BMI:31
Total weight lost:45 lbs
Years using vBloc Therapy:1 1/2
Health gains:

I now have lowered my blood pressure, my blood sugar levels and my A1C levels. Because my joints don’t ache, I’m able to enjoy exercise and keep my energy levels up.