Cindy, vBloc® Patient*Results may vary.

I knew I had to do something about my weight – I couldn’t take it anymore. I knew people who had the traditional weight loss surgeries and the pounds that had come back and how depressed they were because they hadn’t been able to keep the weight off. I had to find something that was going to be a permanent change for me.

vBloc Therapy does what my body wouldn’t do for itself. vBloc reminds me when I’ve eaten too much. Now I know when enough is enough. It has made me a normal eater and after 18 months with vBloc Therapy I have lost over 50 pounds!

My whole self-image is changing and I look at myself and love going outside now. My family can’t believe it because I’m going outside, planting flowers, looking at nature, and doing things I had never done before. I’ve never experienced the outside like I do now.

I am no longer obese.


Individual results may differ. vBloc Therapy is not a cure for obesity, but a great tool along with diet and exercise for success.

Starting BMI:36.8
Present BMI:28.75
Total weight lost:51.75 lbs
Total inches lost:36 inches
Months using vBloc Therapy:18 months
Health gains:

My blood pressure decreased from 140 over 90 to 111 over 66 and my resting heart rate decreased from 90 to 61-63 beats/minute. Now, I have more energy than ever before and I went from a size 20 to a size 12!