Andre, vBloc Patient*Results may vary.

I’d tried everything – diets, juicing, going to the gym. I would always lose a dramatic amount of weight and end up gaining it back. Once I tried vBloc® Therapy, I’ve been able to retain that weight loss and have lost 60 pounds! I can jump and run around and not feel uncomfortable anymore. I can look at myself in the mirror and say I actually look good and feel good about myself.

With vBloc Therapy, I have control. I love vBloc Therapy because it works for me. It’s been consistent in my life; it’s a part of me now.  

Individual results may differ. vBloc Therapy is not a cure for obesity, but a great tool along with diet and exercise for success.

Starting BMI:37.3
Current BMI:28.1
Starting Weight:245 lbs
Current Weight:185 lbs
Months using vBloc Therapy:11 months